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Email & IM


Because Michelle is partially deaf and has an auditory processing disability, she does not offer phone calls or voice chat. All general correspondence is conducted by email or, if preferred, via scheduled meeting using instant messenger. (Please inquire about this in advance to make arrangements. Chelle is happy to use the text chat feature of a number of platforms.) In the case of a client whose accessibility needs conflict with text-only communication, please reach out to negotiate an arrangement that can work for both parties!

To inquire about hiring Michelle: Please click here or use the HIRE ME button in the top right menu to access a web form that includes all the important details necessary for an accurate and timely response.

Any other questions can be directed to Her office hours are 9am-6pm EST, Monday through Friday, and she will endeavour to return all correspondence within two business days.

Social Media

Michelle can be found on Twitter at @chellenator, but be advised that the content is a mix of personal, political, and professional. Chelle is also on Instagram under the same username, but her feed there overwhelmingly consists of just cute pictures of her dog.

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